Desiigner’s Gun Charge Dropped Following Arrest

There’s more good news for the “Panda” hitmaker as the felony possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell charge has also been dropped.

Why did those charges stick? That’s because drugs, which may include OxyContin, methadone, and steroids, were found in the SUV and because the driver of another car claimed the New York rapper threatened him with a gun during a shouting match on the road.

Earlier this morning, Desiigner addressed the arrest with a video on Instagram. “Nias is crazy,” he said, smiling and pointing the camera at a couple of parked luxury cars. “We back out here, man. You dig? Nias crazy. I heard ni**as say we had to sell pills? We don’t gotta do that Sh!t no more, baby. We don’t do this no more, baby…Out here, man. Back in the city.”

Desiigner is set to be arraigned today in a New York City court. See his full video statement below.

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