The only Nigerian Grammy Award Winners 

 Lekan Babalola. He has won this award twice actually. He is a jazz musician and percussionist. He had his first Grammy in 2006 for his work on the album ‘in the heart of the moon’ by the legendary Malian guitarist,Ali Farka Toure. The second award was in 2009 for being on Cassandra Wilson’s album ‘loverly’. When asked why the general populace is unaware of the fact that he is a Grammy winner, he told CNN that ‘’I didn’t go into music to become a Grammy award winner. The Grammy is just by the way side’’. Still, he has been to the Lagos International Jazz Festival in Lagos.

Seal [Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel]; bet you didn’t known he’s a Nigerian. He is a British r&b singer and songwriter with a beautiful voice. He has won 4 Grammy awards with hits like ‘’kiss from a rose’’, ‘’prayer for the dying’’, and ‘’crazy’’

Sade Ade[Helen Folashade Adu]; Born in Ibadan, she is a British-Nigerian singer,songwriter,computer and record producer. She has sold over six million albums. She won a Grammy award for her song ‘soldier of love’

 Chamillionaire[ Hakeem Seriki]; Never knew he had Nigerian blood. He is an American rapper and entrepreneur, CEO of chamilitary entertainment. He won a Grammy award for the hit ‘’riding’’
 Sikiru Adepoju; born in the Eruwa part of western Nigeria. He was a part of Mickey Hart’s group Planet drum whose title album won the Grammy award for Best Contemporary Music Album in 1991 and Global drum project in 2008. He is a master of the talking drum and many other Yoruba percussion instruments. He was referred to as the ‘’Mozart of the talking drum’’ by Mickey Hart.

Kevin Olusola; I’m sure you know him. The only black member of the famous acapella group,Pentatonix. He is a beatboxer,saxophonist,songwriter and producer. He won a Grammy award with his crew for best arrangement with their work with daft punkd.

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