Which Way Nigeria – Part 1

Many years ago in the 1980s, a popular Nigerian musician at that time, Sunny Okosun, in one of his tracks, “Which Way Nigeria”; the lyrics of the song goes.. “..after many years of independence, we haven’t reached the promised land; how long shall we be patience until we get to the promised land, lets save Nigeria so Nigeria wont die.” Sadly after more than 30 years when Sunny Okosun sang that song, we are still trying to save Nigeria without a clear solution to our problems in sight.

The worst is that today, Nigeria is more divided than united. Unlike in the 80s when nigeria’s problem was mainly agitation for good governance. Now ‘a’ days every ethnic group wants to become a republic of its own, threats of secession here and there. More so Nigerians killing Nigerians right here in Nigeria an example is the land/boundary tussle sometime in 2014 between a particular community in Ebonyi state and Adadama community in Cross River state. The extent of lives and property lost was alarming. Another is the intra community clash amongst the Ogbakiri people of Rivers state from 2000 – 2003. It is believed to be the worst intra-communal clash in the history of the South-South region of the country at that time. Recently Boko Haram has maimed, killed and rendered millions homeless in their own land, within and around the North-Eastern part of Nigeria; these are just to mention but a few.

More recently also, is the Fulani herdsmen menace. Although in the media these days they are simply refered to as herdsmen. These group of individuals (Herdsmen) potends to be the worst of any inter-communal, intra-communal or even Boko Haram. This is because in other cases this crisis is within or amongst a particular demography, but in this case of these herdsmen, they attack any community they wish to attack right there. Oh! Which Way Nigeria?

These herdsmen have attacked and killed and displaced people in communities like Nasarawa, Adamawa, Benue and Enugu states. These are attacks the Nigerian media is previledged to cover. However, reports has it that there have been several attacks of this nature in many parts of the North where there is cattle rustling and farmers and herdsmen tussle… Which Way Nigeria?

Macson Ezebunwo Nsirim.

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